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Be Safe... Be Aware!

Be Safe... Be Aware is engaging, colorful, fun and, above all effective. Every time a child plays, he or she learns more about safe, healthy contact even when the difference is ever so subtle.

Children learn what to do. How to tell the difference is only part of the answer. Kids need to know "what" to do about it. Be Safe... Be Aware teaches youngsters to recognize and report even minor incidents, nipping abusive patters in the bud.

Be Safe... Be Aware is a helpful theraputic tool which can be used in a counseling or evaluation setting. This game can be played individually, with a counselor, therapist, or in a group counseling session. It can also be used as part of the evaluation process when assesing children who may bave been sexually or physically abused. Adaptations of the game can make it useful with young children.

Game creator, Dr. Kevin McGovern, recommends that his game should always be played under the direction or supervision of a responsible adult. Be Safe... Be Aware comes with complete instructions, plastic players, dice, and tokens.

Recommended for Ages 3-13 years

Cost is $39.95 each plus S/H of $11.00 each

Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail.

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