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Welcome to McGovern & Associates

McGovern & Associates specializes in providing services focused in the areas of forensic psychology, human sexuality and child & adolescent psychology. A special emphasis is on those with Asperger's, Autism and other developmental disorders.

Office Locations
Expert witness testimony and consultation in civil and criminal cases.
IMEs, Independent Medical Evaluations required in civil litigation cases to determine psychological damages in the following matters:
In cases which are likely to result in the death penalty.
In cases of sexual abuse
In cases of physical abuse
In cases of harassment
In cases of mistreatment
In cases medical malpractice
Impaired Professional Evaluations of:
Other Religious Leaders
Social Workers
Evaluations of adults and adolescents in criminal matters including:
Psycho Sexual Evaluations to determine amenability to treatment.
Evaluations of individuals who have been involved in internet crimes.
Evaluations of people who have committed assaults and homicides.
Assessments in death penalty cases
Assessments of individuals with sexual additions

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Child, adolescent and young adult diagnostic evaluations
Assessments for court related family matters
School Based Threat Assessments of children and adolescents.
Assessing children and adolescents potential for sexually acting out at school or in the community.
Assessments of children and at risk youth
Child and adolescent psychology as well as school psychological issues