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In the Media

Panty Man

"More than 3,000 pairs of panties: This, along with some stray dryer lint, is what prosecutors around Oregon are accusing Sung Koo Kim of stealing.".

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Serial Killer: Dayton Leroy Rogers

2006_03_01: "Serial killer changed man, psychologist testifies..."

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Westley Allan Dodd - by Shirley Lynn Scott

Protecting Children - The Tennis Shoe Brigade

"At the time that Dodd was incarcerated, another man, Earl Kenneth Shriner, was being tried for molesting, choking, and mutilating an 8-year-old boy in Washington State. The boy was lucky to survive the attack, which had occurred only months before Dodd's first murders. Like Dodd, 40-year-old Shriner had an extensive criminal record of sexual assaults..."

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Sex Offender Treatment

Does It Work? Is It Worth It? by Ron Kokish

"...Barry Maletzky, MD and Kevin McGovern, Ph.D. of The Sexual Abuse Clinic of Portland Oregon followed about 5000 offenders treated in their clinic and similar clinics between 1973 and 1990 using behavior oriented methods..."

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The Clinical Assessment of Sexual Disorders

By Kevin B. McGovern, Ph.D

INTRODUCTION: "There has been a growing concern regarding false allegations of sexual abuse especially those arising during custody studies. These troubling allegations can have a significant impact upon an individual’s ability to have adequate visitations with family members, especially younger children.  In some cases, the accused is prohibited from having any meaningful interactions with minors until the unfounded allegations are resolved..."

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Spotlight: Victim's families receive settlement for violent parolee's attacks.

Law Reporter, Jun 2001, by Cragg, Jennifer L

"Alice Underdahl was on a jogging trail in Kent, Washington, when she was sexually assaulted and murdered by Gary Wayne Puckett, a convicted rapist who was on parole..."

"Defendant's expert witnesses included Richard Hooper, corrections, Seattle; Kevin McGovern, psychology, Portland, Oregon..."

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Cybersex, the Internet and Cable Television

It's Impact on Sexually Acquired Behaviors in Adolescents and Children by Kevin B. McGovern, Ph.D and Jill McGovern, Ph.D

"Cybersex and the dawning of yet another sexual revolution in the 21st Century have arrived. Children and adolescents are being bombarded with overexposure to sexualized materials from a number of readily available venues... "

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