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Dr. Jill McGovern's Vita
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Jill Kessler (Berry) McGovern, Ph.D
Office Location  
Office Address:

1732 SW Quimby Street

Suite 230

Portland , Oregon 97229

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 10021

Portland, OR 97296

Office Phone:

(503) 645-2424

Office Fax:

(503) 643-3798

Email Address:

Educational Background
Ph.D. Department of Educational Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison .Major:  School Psychology, Minor:  Statistics, Behavioral Disabilities, Dissertation:  Learning Disabled Children’s Use of Mnemonic Strategies for Vocabulary Learning.  Degree granted December, 1986.
M.S. Department of Behavioral Disabilities, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
B.A. College of Liberal Arts, Indiana University-Bloomington.  Major:  Psychology, Minor:  Religion.  Degree granted in May, 1974.


Certified Forensic Evaluator - State of Oregon

Licensed Psychologist - State of Oregon

Licensed Psychologist - State of Washington

Nationally Certified School Psychologist
School Psychologist License - State of Oregon

Certified School Psychologist 1 - State of Wisconsin (non-renewd)

Professional Experience


April, 2002-present

Treatment & Consultation of Infants, Children, Adolescents &  Adults; Psychological evaluation  of infants, children, adolescents & adults in civil and criminal litigation cases as well as those with developmental disabilities; psychological assessments of adults and professionals in employment related matters; assessment of children, adolescents and adults with learning disorders or other school-related matters; and assessment of potentially violent youth.

Treatment of children & adolescents with sexual behavior problems; treatment of adolescent & young adult sexual offenders; treatment of children, adolescents and adults with anger management problems,divorce/adjustment issues, relationship problems, social skill deficits, autism spectrum disorders, and anxiety/mood disorders; treatment of children with learning disorders, school phobia, elective mutism, anxiety/depression, conduct problems,  attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and developmental disorders. Parent training provided.

Treatment approach includes psycho-dynamic treatment, problem-solving approach, use of cognitive-behavioral strategies, individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy.  Supervision of psychologist residents also provided.


June, 1996-present

Psychological Consultant to mental health professionals and attorneys related to school problems, behavioral difficulties and developmental issues in children, adolescents and adults.


July, 1984-present

School Psychologist for Beaverton School District #48.  Areas of specialty:
evaluation, treatment, and consultation for infants, preschoolers, elementary-school-aged children, middle-school-aged children, high-school-aged adolescents and young adults.  Experience with handicapped youth, developmental disorders, conduct disorders, attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, anxiety/depression, autism spectrum disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, medical problems, self-injurious behavior, sexual behavior problems and potentially violent youth. Collaboration with parents, teachers, administrators, physicians, attorneys, & community mental health professionals.  Treatment includes individual and group psychotherapy, parent training, family therapy, behavioral treatment using brief therapy and cognitive-behavioral strategies.  Supervision of school psychologists in-training.


April, 1983-June, 1984

School Psychologist for Washington County Education Service District.  Areas of specialty:  evaluation, consultation, play therapy & parent training with preschoolers and children with developmental disabilities, autism and emotional problems.

Clinical Experience


April, 2000- April, 2001

Residency under the supervision of licensed psychologists Dale Brounstein, Ph.D. & Fred Grossman, Ph.D. for school-based and private practice.


July, 1981- July, 1982

American Psychological Association Internship at Oregon Health Sciences University, Child Development and Rehabilitation Center, Crippled Children’s Division.  Experience consisted of evaluation, treatment & consultation with year long didactic instruction in family therapy at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital.  Diagnostic assessments of infants, children, adolescents & adults including at-risk premature infants, mild to profound mental retardation, learning disabled, behaviorally disordered, physically handicapped, and those with concomitant medical problems. Parenting evaluations were conducted.  Treatment comprised of behavior therapy, play therapy, parent training, family therapy, individual psychotherapy, marital therapy, & individual as well as group therapy with neglectful & abusive parents.  Consultations were with Headstart, classroom teachers, & other professionals in a multidisciplinary setting.


September, 1979-May, 1980

Practicum in the Psychology Clinic at University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Experience involved diagnostic evaluations, group therapy for children with eating disorders, marital therapy, cognitive-behavioral treatment of adolescents & adults in the Fear Clinic, psychophysiologic assessment, & individual therapy of schizophrenic adults.


January, 1979- May, 1979

Internship in Madison Metropolitan School District .  Experience included diagnostic assessment of emotionally disturbed & autistic children, teacher & parent consultation, development of treatment plans, & multidisciplinary collaboration.


September, 1978-December, 1978

Internship in the Psycho-Educational Clinic at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Experience in diagnostic evaluations, family therapy & consultation with community agencies (e.g., Headstart & schools)


September, 1976- August, 1977

Practicum at the Diagnostic and Treatment Unit of the Waisman Center on Mental Retardation and Human Development.  Experience in psychological & educational assessment, & behavior treatment of mentally retarded, emotionally disturbed, behaviorally disordered, autistic & deaf youth in a multidisciplinary setting.

Research Experience


August, 1978-June,1981

Project Assistant/Research Assistant at Wisconsin Research and Development Center for Individualized Schooling.  Investigated the applicability of mnemonic    strategies to a wide variety of curriculum areas including foreign languages, English vocabulary, social studies, expository prose with a variety of populations including learning disabled children, elementary through high school students & adults.  Responsibilities entailed literature reviews, research design, data collection, data analysis, writing professional papers.


January, 1978-August, 1978

Graduate Assistant for the Wisconsin Research and Training Center at the Waisman Center on Mental Retardation and Human Development. Conducted single-subject clinical research in the areas of job-related skills, social skills, & self-care skills in a vocational rehabilitation workshop for mentally retarded adolescents & adults.  Responsibilities included data collection, research design & development of treatment plans.


September, 1976-September, 1977

Project Assistant at University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Department of Behavioral Disabilities.  Completed literature reviews to determine the treatment efficacy of various behavioral strategies with mentally retarded youth & assisted  with the Introduction to Behavior Modification course.  Responsibilities involved journal research, test development & grading projects & tests.


September, 1973-January, 1973

Research Assistant at Indiana University-Bloomington in the Psychology Department in the  area of visual perception & illusions.  Responsibilities comprised of the development of research materials & conducting studies.


August, 1971-May, 1972

Research Assistant at Indiana University-Bloomington in the Psychology Department in a study designed to evaluate children’s & adolescent’s leisure time activities, community involvement & family history.  Responsibilities included interviewing, data collection & data analysis.

Work Experience


September, 1980-December, 1980

Reader for the Psychology Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Assisted with test construction & grading for the Abnormal Psychology course.


January, 1976-August, 1976

Instructional Assistant at Madison Metropolitan School District. Responsibilities consisted of development of behavioral interventions, tutoring & curriculum development for adolescents with emotional and behavior disorders.


September, 1974-December, 1975

Supervisor of a group home for emotionally disturbed, behaviorally disordered, mentally retarded, & conduct disordered children & adolescents at Browndale, Inc. Responsibilities entailed supervision & training of staff, development of treatment plans, program evaluation, coordination of daily activities & collaboration with mental health professionals and families.

Professional Affiliations


American Psychological Association

National Association of School Psychologists

Oregon Psychological Association

Oregon School Psychological Association

Publications in Professional Journals


Levin, J.R. & Berry , J.K.  Children’s learning of all the news that’s fit to picture.  Educational Communication and Technology Journal, 1980, 28, 177-185.


Levin, J.R., Berry , J.K., Miller, G.E. & Bartell, N.P.  More on how (and how not) to remember the states and their capitals.  Elementary School Journal, 1983.


Levin, J.R., McCormick, C.B., Miller, G.E., Berry , J.K. & Pressley, M.  Mnemonic versus nonmnemonic vocabulary learning strategies for children.  American  Educational Research Journal, 1982.


Levin, J.R., Shriberg, L.K. & Berry, J.K.  A concrete strategy for remembering abstract prose.  American Educational REsearch Journal, 1983.


Pressley, M., Levin, J.R., Hall, J.W., Miller, G.E. & Berry, J.K.  The keyword method and foreign word acquisition.  Journal of Experimental Psychology:  Human Learning and Memory, 1980, 6, 163-173.


McGovern, J.K. Peterson, R. & Goldner, R.  Procedural guidelines for threat assessment of potentially violent youth.  Beaverton School District Special Education Technical Assistance Manual, 2002.


McGovern, J.K.  Guidelines for risk screening of violence potential in youth. Beaverton School District’s Handbook for School Psychologists, 2005.

Papers Presented at Professional Meetings


McGovern, J.K., Evaluating very low functioning children, adolescents and adults. Presented to Beaverton School District special education staff.  April 2012.


McGovern, J.K. & McGovern, K.B.  How to prepare your client for a psychological evaluation.  Presented at the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association workshop.  December 2006.


McGovern, J.K.  Risk screening to determine children and adolescents violence potentional.  Handbook information presented to Beaverton Schol District psychologists.  September 2006.


McGovern, J.K.  Threat assessment procedures with potentially violent youth.  Paper presented to Beaverton School District psychologists.  September 2001.


Shriberg, L.K., Levin, J.R. & Berry, J.K.  Symbolic versus mnemonic pictorial representations of abstract prose content.  Paper presented at the International Reading Association meeting, Chicago, May 1982.


Berry, J.K., Levin, J.R., McCormick, C.B., Miller, G.E. & Pressley, M.  The keyword method and children’s learning of new vocabulary.  Paper presented at the  American Educational Research Association National Meeting, in Los Angeles, April 1981.


Berry, J.K. & Levin, J.R.  Learning from the newspaper via pictures.  Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association National Convention in Boston, April 1980.